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More Woodworking Projects


I designed & built this pair of cedar lawn benches. The tennons at the

top & bottom of each of the backslats were hand cut, great fun!

The walnut lumber for this headboard came from a tree in a friend's front yard!

I designed & built this "console vanity" using ash lumber with mortice & tennon joinery throughout. My son Andy helped me lay the solid ash floor. It came out rather well, don't you think?

The cribbage board was made of red cedar with inlays of a dozen different wood veneers. I turned the pegs from scraps of maple & cocobolo. The carved leaping elk design hand mirrors were inspired by a simular hand mirror shown on a PBS documentary called the "Ice Maiden" that was broadcast years ago. The mirror on the right is made of walnut the one on the left from a chunk of the basswood tree growing in my front lawn!


I finally build my dream work bench! It's solid oak a full two inches thick on top. Solid is the word - You could park a truck on this thing and it wouldn't notice. It has a real made in England Record front vice (a $35 Big Lots find) and a real real made in Cleveland Columbian end vice (an eBay special). I'm very pleased with it!


Sitting on my new bench is a fresh batch of shaker boxes. You can see that I've added some new sizes.