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Woodworking Projects Page

a gallery of some of my favorite woodoorking projects


Oak weaving loom with cedar heddle & butternut shuttles.

I designed & built this loom as a Christmas gift for my daughter.

A selection of oval bent wood Shaker boxes. I've made boxes with cherry, maple,

mahogany, & walnut sides. Tops are beech, butternut, cedar, cherry, maple, or

walnut. I like to make the bottoms of red cedar, they smell so good when opened!

Butternut mountain Dulcimer's large teardrop shape gives it a rich tone. The

mahogany & butternut plucked psaltry was also made as a gift for my daughter.

The pair of kalimbas (thumb pianos) use narrow strips cut from an old saw blade

to make music. The one on the left is made of oak & mahogany, on the right of

cherry with walnut banding.

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Comments? Suggestions? please e-mail me!

Dennis Jones

Napoleon, Ohio USA